Mission Statement

The mission of the United States Taekwondo Grandmasters Society, Inc., is to preserve and promote the tradition of action philosophy as Taekwondo education and to manage the superior national governing organization of Taekwondo in the United States.


Standardize and develop a top quality rank promotional system in the United States. Strengthen the congeniality of Grandmasters in the United States and nurture the growth of future Masters and Grandmasters in the United States. Develop quality curriculum based on updated scientific findings of the physical, mental and spiritual influence for human performance pertinent in Taekwondo. Develop a reward system that will benefit USTGS and mankind in general. Organize and promote top quality competition, nationally and internationally. Develop and promote cooperation with other organizations in Taekwondo, martial arts, sports, education and other related entities that support the mission of the USTGS.
The Seventh Annual Meeting and the 4th Annual Hall of Fame (Held in Chicago.)
  • The Hall of Fame Awards – presented in 8 categories to 10 recipients.
  • Board Meeting was held in Chicago.
  • Established a special achievement award program for Do-Jang students and instructors.
  • Published selection and nominating criteria for the Hall of Fame Awards in Korean and English.
The Sixth Annual Meeting and the Third Annual Hall of Fame (Held in Dallas)
  • Election of New President and Honorary President.
  • The Hall of Fame Awards – Given 9 categories.
  • Board Meeting was held in Chicago.
  • Members and Students began organizing a visit to Seoul, Korea.
  • Three new committees were established: Member Support Committee, Women’s Committee, and Do-Jang Development Committee.
The Fifth Annual Meeting and the Second Annual Hall of Fame (Held in Las Vegas)
  • Election of New Officers.
  • The Hall of Fame Awards – Given 8 categories.
  • Provide Business Seminar and the Children Character Education Program.
  • Certification of the USTGS Museum and Hall of Fame and TKD Museum Funding, Inc.
The Fourth Annual Meeting and the First Annual Hall of Fame (Held in New York)
  • The Hall of Fame Award – Given 10 categories.
  • Establishment of the USA Taekwondo Museum Committee and the development of the fund-raising.
  • The Distinguished Service Medal from the World Taekwondo Federation: Given to the President, Vice Presidents and Secretary-General.
  • The enactment of a goal of USTGS for juvenile guidance and humanity training program, and decided to implement the goal throughout the US from 2007.
The Third Annual Meeting (Held in Las Vegas)
  • Provide business seminar and research presentation.
  • Passed the Hall of Fame Awarding Policy, and establishment of the Taekwondo Museum.
  • Establishment of committees: The Rank Promotion Committee, the Research Committee, and the Award Committee.
Visitation of Korea by 22 USTGS members; sponsored by Kukkiwon, the World Taekwondo Federation and the Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
  • Kukkiwon submitted suggestions to recover the missing members and the USTGS recommendations.
  • The World Taekwondo Federation recommended awarding outstanding masters overseas.
  • The Ministry of Culture and Tourism recommended rewarding policy of the outstanding masters overseas, and also recommended to establish the World Taekwondo embassy system.
The Second Annual Meeting. (Held in Dallas, TX)
  • Conducted business seminars.
  • Award for best master and Do-Jang.
  • Establishment of the Senior Security (Welfare) Committee.
  • Submission of suggestions about Korae Taekwondo Park to the Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
  • Adoption of the Grandmasters Credos.
The First Annual Meeting. (Held in Dallas, TX)
  • Passing of the By-laws and election on officers.
  • Adoption of business plans.
  • Requests to Kukkiwon for retroaction of the missing members and theie promotion to a higher Rank(s).
  • Establishment of the Taekwondo Research Committee.
The registration of the USTGS as a Non-Profit Organization for the Federal Government. (501-C81-0578856)